Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy Hawai‘i.

Live Better Together is a collaboration of businesses, government organizations and community members with the mission of creating a healthier Hawaii.

Our mission is to encourage residents to live happier, healthier lives through nutrition education and supporting a healthy and active environment.




Five or more fruits and vegetables

5Eat the colors of the rainbow – whether its fresh and locally grown in Hawaii, frozen, or canned, include five or more fruits and vegetables to your in your daily diet.

Two hours or less of screen time

2 Watching too much TV or playing video games, can be unhealthy. Enjoy the natural beauty of our islands and encourage your family to sit less and move more.

One hour or more of physical activity

1Activity that makes your heart pump faster and your body breathe harder make you strong, helps you feel good and think clearly.

No drinking sugary beverages

0Rethink your drink. Hawaii is blessed with water that is among the best in the world. Turn on the tap and drink more water.


“Hawaii 5210 Let’s Go!” is an initiative to promote healthy eating and active living and prevent childhood obesity in Hawaii through coordinated, collaborative, locally based health education campaign.



Here is an easy stir-fry dish using cabbage and dried mushrooms.

Here is the winning recipe of the 2014 808 Jr. Chef Showdown.

A local favorite using fresh ingredients from the land and the sea.

Here is a fun and refreshing watermelon salsa recipe.

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